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    Summer Activities

    Fulton's Summer Reading Activities

    In a journal or notebook, do the following:

    o   Week of June 15 – Find an article about education in a national newspaper, like The New York Times or USA Today (online or print). Reflect on the article. Describe who and what it is about; when the event/news is taking place; and why it is important.

    o   Week of June 22 – Find a sports article in a local paper, like The State or the Free Times. Tell how this article is different from the one you reviewed on education last week.

    o   Week of June 29 – Find an article about crime in your local newspaper. Describe what happened in the incident. Also include how you would resolve the incident if you were an authority who could affect the situation.

    o   Week of July 6 – Find a profile of a person (a story about person) in a national or local paper. Reflect on what you thought was the most interesting thing about the person and share some of the person’s background in your reflection.

    o   Week of July 13 – Find an article about a national event or issue that affects the country as a whole. Describe the issue or event and tell what are the different opinions about it.

    o   Week of July 20  -- Choose an article that you like. Reflect on it and tell why you selected it.

    o   Week of July 27 – Choose a movie review from a newspaper, and tell why or why won’t you see the movie based on the review.


    **With all article entries, be sure to list what newspaper and the date the article was in the paper or online. If possible, print a copy of the article. Also be sure each article’s date fall during the specified week.

    Summer Reading Resources

    Click the link below for additional summer reading resources.  If the resource requires a password, you can email Mrs. Anderson and she will provide you with the information.

    Summer Reading Resources Brochure 2015 no passwords.pdf

    Summer Reading List 2015:

    • ​9th Grade
      • A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines; Bad Boy: A Memoir by Walter Dean Myers; and Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
      • Mr. I. Jones: Go Set a Watchman: A Novel by Harper Lee (to be released Summer 2015)
    • ​10th Grade
      • ​Fiction: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin
      • Non-Fiction: A Child Called It by David Pelzer and Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
    • ​11th Grade
      • Mr. Brown (College Prep): A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
      • Mr. Brown (IB): How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster and Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
    • ​12th Grade
      • Ms. ​Fulton: The State; The New York Times; USA Today
      • Mr. Hobgood: Grendel by John Gardner​

    *We Are LR

    Daily Announcements


    Registration is now open for the Lower Richland High School STEM Academy!  Registration is online only. To register, click the link below.



    STEM--LifeCycle Tours and Media Coverage

    Click the link below to views pictures of the LifeCycle tours and media coverage.


    Sustainability at LRHS

    Students, teachers, and the community take part in the Table-to-Table Sustainability Project on the campus of Lower Richland High School.  Read the article highlighting this unique program!


    Congratulations to Mrs. Elvionna Belin-White on being selected as the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!

    Elvionna Belin-White born and raised in Andrews SC. Married to Tyrone White. We have two lovely children. Tyson and Tylia. This is my fourteenth year teaching , but eighth at Lower Richland.  I teach pre-engineering classes through a program called project lead the way. I advise First Robotics, Jr. Robotics, Technology Student Association, National Society of Black Engineer's, and Student Racing Team . I love working with the students and increasing their awareness of STEM  through projects and activities , which will guide their careers and education. So that we can have global and productive citizens

    Through our partnerships with EngenuitySC, MEBA, Best Carolina, and other industry leaders, Lower Richland High School is able to offer a comprehensive STEM Program that focuses on college and career readiness for our students!

    Click here to learn more!

    Congratulations LR PTSA!

    Congratulations to the LR PTSA for being nominated as a 2014-2016 National  PTA School of Excellence.

    School Improvement Council Brochure

    Annual Report To Parents Format 2014_2.docx
    Lower Richland Receives
    Palmetto Silver Award


    Great Happenings at Lower Richland

    Lower Richland High is a nationally certified PLTW (Project Lead the Way) School. We offer the number one STEM program in the nation that focuses on Engineering. To find out more information click on the link below:


    Richland One Schools Honored by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for Fighting Childhood Obesity

    Three Schools Received Award for Leading Comprehensive Health, Physical Activity, and Wellness Efforts

    (Washington, DC) September 13, 2014– The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, recognized Crayton Middle School, Eau Claire High School and Lower Richland High School with a 2014 National Healthy Schools Award for transforming its environment into a healthier place. The schools received this award at the Alliance’s 2014 Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on September 13.

    To earn the National Healthy Schools Award these schools improved their nutrition and physical activity programs to meet or exceed stringent standards set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program.



    School Happenings

    PTSA Meeting Dates

    Here are the LRHS PTSA Meeting Dates for the school year.
     There is also an attached flyer available for your use to post and to distribute to parents.  Most of our PTSA meetings start at 6:30pm and will be held in the cafeteria with an exception of the following:

    ·         Monday Sept. 15th 2014: This is the first meeting of the school year. It will start at 6:30pm as usual. Our guest speaker is Mayor Benjamin. This meeting will be held in the Theater

    Monday Oct. 20th, 2014The PTSA is sponsoring a “Meet the Candidates” Night where invited officials on the Nov. 4th ballot will have an opportunity to present their vision for our community. The start time is 6:30pm. and will be held in the Theatre.

    ·         Tuesday Feb. 24th, 2015: This is the date that the Richland District One School Board is scheduled to come to our school. Normally, these meetings are held in the Theatre. Instead of hosting a separate meeting during February, the PTSA will be asking our members and community for their support of the school board meeting scheduled to begin at 7pm. The PTSA will not expect to present any PTSA business on this evening. We will follow the lead of our administrators on how you all want us to function on that evening.

    ·         Monday May 18th, 2015: This meeting is not listed on the flyer. However, this is the date planned for the annual scholarship banquet.  Our start time will be 7pm in the cafeteria.

    Thank you everyone for your assistance as the PTSA works toward increasing parental involvement during the 2014-2015 school year. We’re looking forward to a great year!


    Yolande Roach

    LRHS PTSA President


    Lower Richland High School-spiritwear



    All high school students are required to complete Alive at 25 before they are eligible to purchase a campus parking permit for the 2014-2015 school year.  Students who have previously taken Alive at 25 will be exempt.

    To obtain a parking pass for the fall, students must complete the course before August 15, 2014.  (Please note, taking and passing the course will not guarantee students issuance of a parking permit.  Parking permits will be issued according to availability and the policy of the school.)

    To register, contact: SC National Safety Council
    Phone: 800-733-6185 or 803-732-6778

    Great Things Come from LR


    Richland One high school seniors Savannah Bass of Dreher, Tyler Gray of A.C. Flora, Briana Abraham of W.J. Keenan and Gabrielle Young of Lower Richland are among the 44 South Carolina students named semifinalists in the prestigious and highly competitive 2015 National Achievement Scholarship Program.

    This honor recognizes outstanding African-American high school seniors who are the highest scorers in their state on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).

    Richland One’s semifinalists will compete with 1,600 others across the nation for approximately 800 college scholarships worth more than $2.5 million. To advance to the finalist level, semifinalists must have a record of high academic performance in high school, be endorsed and recommended by school officials, earn high SAT scores and be actively involved in their school and community.

    Two types of scholarships will be offered: 700 one-time National Achievement® $2500 Scholarships and 100 Achievement Scholarships underwritten by corporate and business sponsors. Although some corporate-sponsored awards provide a single payment, most are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study. The names of scholarship winners will be announced in early-April.

    About Our School

    Did you know Lower Richland High School has been identified as a TransformSC school?  Want to know more about what that means? 

    TransformSC Site

    LR - Transforming Education in SC

    Learn more about Lower Richland High School!

    International Baccalaureate Program

    Information about the Lower Richland International Baccalaureate (IB) program can be found by clicking on the IB logo.

    Transportation Brochure
    2014-15 Lower Richland High School
    Please click on the link below to determine bus routes and times.

    Lower Richland Route 2014-2015.pdf
    District Mission Statement

    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

    Mission Statement
    The mission of Lower Richland High School is to engage students in positive, productive, and innovative learning experiences in order to become successful, responsible, and competitive in a global and technological society.
    We believe that..
    • Each student has the ability to learn and to be successful.
    • Changing cultural diversity is a positive element that teaches respect and enriches society.
    • Students learn in different ways and deserve the opportunity to achieve at their own ability level. 
    • Each student must assume responsibility for his/her own potential.
    • Character matters; honesty, integrity, and mutual respect are vital.
    • Educators will use a variety of effective teaching methods and strategies with high expectations.
    • A safe and supportive environment is essential to the growth and success of all individuals.
    • Learning is a continuous process of integrated experiences that ultimately produce change. 
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the students, school, home, and community.

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    From the Principal

    Dear Diamond Hornet Families,

    I want to officially welcome all of you to the 2014-2015 School Year! Summer has come and gone and now it is time to continue with the excellent traditions of Lower Richland, as well as to introduce exciting new programs and personnel. Lower Richland administration and staff has been busy preparing for another amazing year. Over the summer break the school has been cleaned, facilities have been updated, the STEM focus has continued, and the district has moved forth to implement the Digital Learning Environment where incoming freshman will be issued a laptop and protective backpack in September, with sophomores following in January. We are still very excited and proud of our scholarship total, 17.8 million dollars, and the highest in the district. The bar is set high for the class of 2015, but we know they can do it! Our dedicated staff has been working hard to ensure a successful start of school next Monday, August 18, 2014. Read more...