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    Spring Flower Sale

    Who: The Developmental Department

    What: Plant Sale/Mother's Day Sale

    When: April 21st-May 9th from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm or by appointment

    Where: Lower Richland HS Greenhouse

    Contact: Mrs. E. Mickens @ 803.695.3000 ext. 3584

    You are cordially invited to attend
    the first initiation ceremony of the
    Ladies and Gentlemen's Club
    of Lower Richland High School
    April 28 at 6:00 pm
    in the K Building Auditorium

    A reception will immediately follow in the
    LR Media Center

    School Improvement Council Brochure

    SIC 2013 report.pdf
    The PowerSchool Parent Portal is now available. The Parent Portal will allow you to check your student's grades and other information. For additional information or assistance, contact Sallie Lakin at 695-3013 or email her at slakin@richlandone.orgAccess to the Parent Portal  for this year will be available September 3, 2013.

    Lower Richland Receives
    Palmetto Silver Award


    Great Happenings at Lower Richland

    Lower Richland’s Page Named All-Star Coach

    Lower Richland High School head football coach Darryl Page was named the head football coach of the North All-Stars for the 2014 Touchstone Energy North-South All-Star Game. Page, along with South All-Star head coach Jackie Hayes of Dillon High School, received the news at the South Carolina Football Coaches Association’s Winter Football Clinic, which was held in Myrtle Beach on February 21st and 22nd.

    Coach Page, who has just completed his second season at Lower Richland (9-12 overall record), will be coaching in his 3rd All-Star game. He served as the co-offensive coordinator for the South team in the 2004 North-South Game, and as the offensive coordinator for the South Carolina Sandlappers in the 2007 Shrine Bowl Game.

    School Happenings

    Free Physicals

    Drayer Orthopedics will be hosting this years FREE PHYSICALS on Saturday, April 26th. Time will be determined. I will be reserving 2 buses for transportation to the location, this year it will be held at the Carolina Football Complex.
    PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ATHLETES, MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETES, and get the physicals out of the way. With open season practices, all athletes need physicals. If you practice a student during open practices, there will be no reminders or warnings, letters of reprimand will be placed in your file. Get the word out now to the parents so they know they can get the free physical.

    Bob Matz
    Athletic Director
    Lower Richland High School

    January 2014 PTSA Program
    2014 january ptsa program.pdf

    LRHS Clubs
    LRHS clubs3.pdf

    Lower Richland High School-spiritwear



    All high school students are required to complete Alive at 25 before they are eligible to purchase a campus parking permit for the 2013-2014 school year.  Students who have previously taken Alive at 25 will be exempt.

    To obtain a parking pass for the fall, students must complete the course before August 16, 2013.  (Please note, taking and passing the course will not guarantee students issuance of a parking permit.  Parking permits will be issued according to availability and the policy of the school.)

    To register, contact: SC National Safety Council
    Phone: 800-733-6185 or 803-732-6778

    About Our School

    Learn more about Lower Richland High School!

    International Baccalaureate Program

    Information about the Lower Richland International Baccalaureate (IB) program can be found by clicking on the IB logo.

    Transportation Brochure
    2011-12 Lower Richland High School
    Please click on the link below to determine bus routes and times.

    Lower Richland Route 2013-2014.pdf
    Mission Statement
    The mission of Lower Richland High School is to engage students in positive, productive, and innovative learning experiences in order to become successful, responsible, and competitive in a global and technological society.
    We believe that..
    • Each student has the ability to learn and to be successful.
    • Changing cultural diversity is a positive element that teaches respect and enriches society.
    • Students learn in different ways and deserve the opportunity to achieve at their own ability level. 
    • Each student must assume responsibility for his/her own potential.
    • Character matters; honesty, integrity, and mutual respect are vital.
    • Educators will use a variety of effective teaching methods and strategies with high expectations.
    • A safe and supportive environment is essential to the growth and success of all individuals.
    • Learning is a continuous process of integrated experiences that ultimately produce change. 
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the students, school, home, and community.

    Breaking Ranks II
    Seven Cornerstone Strategies

    1. Core Knowledge:

    2. Connections with Students:
    3. Personalized Planning:
    4. Adapting to Differences:
    5. Flexible Use of Time:
    6. Distributed Leadership:
    7. Continuous Professional Development

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    News and Events

    District Accreditation Parent Survey

    In order to determine how Richland One is meeting its mission, parents are invited to participate in a survey.

    To complete the survey, go to


    Upcoming Events

    Mon, Apr 21 - Fri, Apr 25
    10th Grade MAP Testing
    Thursday, April 24
    A DAY
    Interim Reports Issued
    Friday, April 25
    B DAY
    JROTC Color Guards @ Charleston Citadel Tour

    From the Principal

    Dear Lower Richland High School Family,

    Exactly one year ago, I was introduced as the new principal of Lower Richland High School.  I have never been more proud, with the exception of the birth of my daughter, in my entire life.  I knew, however, the task was daunting.  I made many promises.  I gave all of the stakeholders in the Lower Richland High School Community my word that I would provide a safe learning environment and create a culture of caring that would re-establish harmony in the relationships between all parties involved in the education of your children. 

    I promised that each student would be empowered by personalized learning.  I promised that the unique educational needs of every Lower Richland High School student would be addressed via positive school family- community partnerships, data analysis and dialogue.  I intended to be a man of my word because the students deserved it.  Just as important, to paraphrase Aristotle, the fate and the future of this nation are dependent on the education of our youth.  I understood the enormous task I was undertaking and the huge responsibility that rested on my shoulders and my administrative team.  I also stressed that I did not have an S on my chest and neither did my administrative team.  I needed your help.

    Stakeholders shared with me their concerns about safety on campus.  They recognized, justifiably so, that students and educators needed to be motivated to work harder to improve overall academic achievement.  High stakes test scores, for better or for worse, have varied and have far reaching ramifications.  Parents and students are embarrassed, confused, and upset when their schools receive ratings below a C.  This leads to a drop in enrollment as parents seek to transfer their children to other schools.  This starts a painful cycle.  School ratings drop, enrollment plummets, businesses choose not to invest in that enrollment zone, and property values may even suffer.  While I was given the charge to improve student academic performance, I did ask that all stakeholders support Lower Richland High School and that they educate their family, friends, neighbors, business associates, and colleagues about the changes that were occurring here on campus. You responded.  The word spread far and wide.  For that I praise you.

    I challenged our students and they responded terrifically.  They accepted their piece of accountability for their learning.  I am so proud of their hard work and accomplishments.  It will serve them well in the future.

    I challenged our faculty to work harder and better to motivate our students.  They had to educate the whole student, even as they realized that HSAP tests were a national and state barometer of student performance.  Our consultants brought cutting edge professional development to insure that the faculty had the tools and resources to be successful in educating our children.