Classroom Visits

Classroom visits


A big “THANK YOU” to all of our parents for your outpouring support.  We promote a school environment where parents are free to observe their child’s class.  I welcome your presence and understand the impact this will have on your child’s success in school.  Our teachers are required to teach tons of materials, so they must devote their class time to teaching.  We will have the following guidelines for classroom visits:

·         Parents are free to visit at any time; however, only two adults during a visit.  Babies are not allowed since they tend to make noise and cause students to become excited and distracted. 


·         Teachers will not be available to conference with parents during class time.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please contact the guidance counselor, Ms. Claire Steverson at (803) 733-4321. 


·         All visits are limited to 20 minutes or less. 


Parents must not speak to or address any students in the class.